Our Process

Our process is what sets us far from the competition. We have perfected the art of recruitment through cautious study of what works and what does not. But this does not mean our process is set on stone.

In fact, we are constantly on hunt on ways to improve our services. This is our pledge to all our clients – WE NEVER STOP IMPROVING!

We, at SME believe that each client is unique. Therefore, we offer customized solutions to perfectly fit what suits your organization.

This is where it all began – we receive your request for manpower. Our assigned staff will work closely with you to understand more than your requirement.
You can be guaranteed that in every step, SME will be there for you.

More than your manpower needs, SME tries to understand your company’s values and culture. What motivates your company? Recent study shows that individuals thrive if they are working in an organization that fosters the same values and culture they have.
This is what SME team can boast against the competition, we have team of experts that can align your staff requirements to your goals and how you will be able to achieve them.

Our discovery process in not limited to traditional advertisements; we employ different methods of effective manpower sourcing which includes various affiliation to world –class associations; university and college recruitments; social media information dissemination; job fairs; and print and radio ads.
Our hunt for efficient workers is always on, so we can answer your demand for manpower in a timely manner. If our existing database cannot fulfill your need, we can launch a full scale campaign to look for the right people to be part of your team.
Further to this, we believe in empowering our pool of candidates. Once they are on our database, we advise them what areas of improvement they can take to help equip them to become valuable assets to organization later on.

Based on our careful analysis of your requirement, we do preliminary listing of possible candidates. At SME, we look beyond what is written in resumes. We conduct behavioral –based interviews and test qualifications necessary for the role you will assign and conduct reference checking.
You can be guaranteed of our full discretion in this process. We will communicate each step with your best interest on mind.
We will present short-listed candidates including an outline of their qualification and the reasons they are fit for the job posting.

SME can arrange and coordinate interviews or special exams you may have. We can even assist in travel and location arrangements.
This is the most critical part and you can be assured that SME won’t fail you.
We will work hand in hand to make sure that the manpower you selected will be the perfect fit. We have amazing group of recruitment experts who can share their experience and knowledge.

With the references in order, it is time to make an offer. Allow us to help you secure the best people your organization deserves. Our team has negotiation experts to provide you with the best deals that are not only fair to your company but also to the candidates. We can give you valuable insights on the current

We will guide you through this intricate process from processing their travel documents, legal papers to flight assistance.

Delivery of Manpower
SME do not stop with the delivery of manpower – we make sure that your “new recruits” will transition well to their new responsibilities and roles. We are committed in making them valuable part of your success!